Friday, June 22, 2012

"Clean Diesel" still a lie. Time for Recall!

The misleading TDI "Clean-Diesel"-Campaign run by the automotive industry is still going on and on. But the carcinogenic particulate matter still remains a huge health problem, even with DPF and NOxOFF-Filter: The DPF ist very efficient it filters away 99.9% of all Particles, wow, that sounds great!, but if cm3 of raw Diesel-Exhaust contains 100 Mio of fine highly carcinogenic particles, 0.1% of it are still 10'000 highly carcinogenic particles per cm3. That is still a huge amount, given the fact that fine diesel-exhaust is a non threshold carcinogen. Time for total Recall!

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  1. Btw,

    Diesel related recalls are not uncommon these days,

    6 Oct 2011 –
    VW Halts Diesel Sales, Recalls 170,000 TDIs
    Problem with potential fuel line leak.

    May 04 2012
    VW Halts Diesel Sales, Recalls 170000 TDIs

    15 March 2012
    Santa Fe Diesel recall
    Hyundai gets proactive and initiates a voluntary recall to check nearly 9000 Santa Fe diesels in Australia.