Wednesday, June 21, 2017

6 million new dirty diesel cars on Europe's roads since 2015!

There are 35 million dirty diesel cars and vans driving on Europe’s roads today – six million more than when the Dieselgate scandal broke in 2015. The growth in the number of poisonous vehicles in the fleet – revealed by new T&E research – will be a stark reminder to MEPs as they enter negotiations with governments this September to reform the flawed system of testing and approving cars for sale in Europe.

Diesel Ban coming to Stuttgart and Munich, London

"As much as I would welcome avoiding such bans, I think it is just as unlikely that we can continue to do without bans in the future," Munich mayor Dieter Reiter was quoted as saying by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper on Wednesday.

"However, the city of Stuttgart, home of Mercedes-Benz and VW's Porsche subsidiary, is already preparing to ban some diesel vehicles from next year which do not meet the latest emission standards."

“It’s when, not if, diesel cars are banned from London,” says Dan Powell, managing editor of motoring website HonestJohn. “The particulate filters that clean up the exhausts need to be driven for at least 15 miles to work properly. How many inner-city drivers do that?”

Saturday, January 21, 2017

This Is How Volkswagen’s Diesel Emissions Cheat Works

This Is How Volkswagen’s Diesel Emissions Cheat Works, According to ECU Hacker (Video)

Domke said he purchased a Volkswagen ECU online and extracted its millions of lines of code. The VW ECU’s behavior is mostly governed by parameters defined outside of its code — not constants that would be hard-coded into the programming — embedded within the computer’s hardware.
He said the car’s main modes for exhaust management were a “normal mode” and an “alternative mode,” the latter of which mostly dominated the car’s behavior. In his own driving, after observing the state of the car, Domke said he found the car ran in a “cold start” cycle for roughly 20 percent of the time and on its “alternative mode” for nearly 80 percent of his driving. Only a small fraction of his normal, everyday driving was in “normal mode.” During “normal mode,” the selective catalytic reduction system used by Volkswagen would consume significantly more diesel emissions fluid than in “alternative” mode.

Der für "Dieselgate" verantwortliche Part liegt in der Software, die steuert, wie viel von dem Reduktionsmittel AdBlue eingespritzt werden soll. Domke entdeckte zwei verschiedene Modi: Den normalen Modus und einen alternativen Modus, der eigentlich nur in eng gefassten Grenzbereichen laufen soll, wenn Motortemperatur oder andere Bedingungen die Abgasreinigung ineffektiv machen. Hier werden wesentlich geringere Mengen von AdBlue eingespritzt, um die Entstehung noch schädlicherer Giftstoffe zu verhindern. Durch Tests und das Auslesen der ODB-Schnittstelle mit seinem Auto erkannte Domke, dass sein Wagen nur selten im normalen, sondern fast immer im alternativen Modus fuhr, der einen wesentlich höheren Ausstoß von Stickoxiden verursachte.