Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Norway Municipalities to Ban Diesel Cars

The Nordic Page Norway reports on the 23.06.2014: "Liberal Party (Venstre) and Socialist Left Party (SV) proposes to change a number of state laws and regulations that will let municipalities to ban diesel car from traffic and introduce high emission fees. (...)

Elvestuen notes that the main source of acute air pollution in Oslo is high NO2 emissions during winter days and that diesel cars are the biggest reason of high NO2.

In this frame, two party make the proposal to Parliament on three specific changes.

First, they want municipalities to have the authority to ban diesel cars to run on the day of acute air pollution also on highways.

Also, they want municipalities to be able to impose so-called low emission zones, in which the most polluting cars are banned or have to pay high fees in some areas. Both Oslo and Bergen want such zones.

Moreover, they want to provide municipalities the right to introduce local environmental taxes."

Interesting policy moves and activism we would also love to see in other countries.

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