Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Diesel Ban coming to Stuttgart and Munich, London

"As much as I would welcome avoiding such bans, I think it is just as unlikely that we can continue to do without bans in the future," Munich mayor Dieter Reiter was quoted as saying by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper on Wednesday.

"However, the city of Stuttgart, home of Mercedes-Benz and VW's Porsche subsidiary, is already preparing to ban some diesel vehicles from next year which do not meet the latest emission standards."

“It’s when, not if, diesel cars are banned from London,” says Dan Powell, managing editor of motoring website HonestJohn. “The particulate filters that clean up the exhausts need to be driven for at least 15 miles to work properly. How many inner-city drivers do that?”

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  1. By the way, this is just happening right now: "Focus Event: Will Diesel Technology survive?
    Today Diesel engines seem indispensable for worldwide mobility, ocean going ships, construction machinery, HDVs and LDVs. Claimed pros are fuel economy, flexibility also for future fuels and durability. Cons are toxic exhausts, classified as class 1 carcinogen by the WHO. Technical fakes, frauds and manipulation resulting in high real world emissions damaged the reputation."