Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ban Diesel by 2015, not 2050!

More Diesel Ban in the Headlines

'Ban petrol and diesel cars from London's roads by 2050'
Petrol and diesel-powered cars should be banned from London's streets by 2050, the European Commission said today.


Commentary: Delusional tactics by polluter-friendly legislaters und the petrolium industry,

looking back in 1998
news: India's auto makers oppose plans to ban diesel cars in Delhi
1 Dec 1998 ... According to press reports, the Delhi state government has been considering a ban on sales of diesel cars in the India capital to bring down ...

in 2009 California:
Port of Oakland votes to ban dirty diesel trucks
People living near the Port of Oakland may soon breathe easier after the Port Commission on Tuesday voted to ban trucks that burn dirty diesel fuel.
But the problem remains: Black Carbon remains a problem with new diesel engines and the health issues are even more severe due to finer soot particles which cause more damage.

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