Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Diesel Ban in Athens and Thessaloniki since early 90thies

In Greece Diesel Cars are banned from Athens and Thessaloniki since the early 90thies.

The government's ban on diesel vehicles within Athens city & the early 1990s initiatives to enhance car emissions have greatly contributed to better atmospheric conditions in the basin.

11 April 2011

But lobbyists like the greek "Association of Motor Vehicle Importers Representatives" are trying to achieve an annulment of the diesel ban... Another Pro-Diesel-Lobbyist called Stavros Xarchakos claimed 2003 that new Diesel engines where much safer, which must be bluntly put called a lie. New falsely called 'Clean'-Diesel Engines have much higher emissions of ultra fine diesel soot particles, with even higher toxicity levels. UPDATE July 2012: The Diesel Ban in Athens and Thessaloniki has been overturned.

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