Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Diesel Ban in the Headlines

Let’s Ban Diesel Vehicles In And Around The Himalayan Region
Indian Minister of Environment & Forest Mr. Jairam Ramesh has understandably opposed the developed countries’ attempt to include the “black carbon” issue in the main framework of the climate negotiations.

Ban on Petrol and Diesel Cars?
Norway’s Finance Minster, Kristin Halvorsen, has proposed to ban petrol cars by 2015 in order to lower CO2 emissions and encourage car manufacturers to begin making more environmentally friendly models.

Norway’s Finance Minster, Kristin Halvorsen has proposed the move which if implemented, will see a ban on all petrol and diesel car sales in Norway from 2015, allowing only electric, biofuel, hydrogen or hybrid cars to be sold on the forecourts.

Centre rejects Delhi government's proposal to ban diesel cars

Delhi HC may ban diesel cars
Diesel cars have got into the cross hairs of the Delhi high court. It feels that they defeat the intent of the 2001 Supreme Court order to shift public transport to use compressed natural gas. The car industry is upset.
Jagdish Khattar, MD, Maruti Udyog said, “We have to see why diesel is so popular. It’s because of the price difference. We need to correct that.”

The biggest player in diesel car market, Tata Motors is in the midst of a Rs 12,000 crore capacity expansion and product development plan. 70% of Hyundai Verna's sales are diesel and about 70% of Ford Fiesta's. Ford has recently launched a diesel variant of Fusion and General Motors has also launched a diesel version of Optra.


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  1. Yes. The Diesel-Industry is against any regulation. This is a huge problem.